Sodium Hydroxide

Caustic Soda is a chemical compound produced following the process of electrolysis of water and salt in factories producing chemical compounds around the world.

This white and powdery substance is ineffective in direct contact with air humidity and therefore in tight and laminated packaging, with limited contact with air humidity, it will be packaged and supplied to the global consumer market.

High purity, low amount of heavy metals and high quality raw materials are the most important factors in increasing the quality and attracting the attention of buyers of this product domestically and globally.

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What Is Caustic Soda?

Caustic soda, sodium hydroxide, and solid caustic soda with the chemical formula of NaOH are different and commercial names of caustic soda in the domestic production and consumption market.

Caustic soda is a solid, powdery, light, white compound that has a structure similar to shredded pieces of paper and will be used as an industrial degreaser in many different processes and industries due to its solubility in water.

Molecular weight of 4000 g / mol, a melting point of 1390 ° C, a density of 2.13, and insolubility in alcoholic and glycerol compounds, are the most important properties and chemical properties of this widely used industrial compound.

Caustic Soda Production Process

The first step in the process of producing caustic soda is the preparation of liquid caustic soda. Preparation and production of liquid flake soda is done in three ways: old, semi-modern and modern, and is a prelude to the production of solid flake soda in all factories producing chemical compounds. All methods and processes for the production of caustic soda will be based on the electrolysis of water and salt and the production of chlorine, hydrogen and sodium hydroxide.

1- Mercury method of producing liquid flakes

One of the old and traditional methods used in the production of liquid caustic soda is the Mercury method. This method is obsolete in all developed countries and most of the third world countries due to the production of very high volumes of mercury and harmful environmental effects, and is known as one of the most harmful and dangerous processes around the world.

2- Diaphragm method of producing liquid flakes

This method of producing liquid caustic soda is one of the semi-modern processes in the production of this chemical compound worldwide. In this method, the salt produced during the electrolysis reaction of water and salt is separated by a diaphragm and using the next steps, the purity of caustic soda will increase.

3- Membrane method and production of liquid flakes

One of the modern and popular methods of producing liquid flake caustic soda, in world-renowned factories and well-known brands of this chemical compound, is the membrane method. One of the most important features of this relatively expensive and environmentally friendly method is the replacement of the membrane for the diaphragm desalination process, and the soda of the liquid flakes produced following this method has a very high degree of purity.

Turning liquid caustic soda to solid caustic soda

One of the most important and main stages of production of caustic soda in the consumer market is the final stage and production of liquid to solid caustic soda. During this process, 50% of the liquid profit is produced, using the mentioned methods, it is transferred to the concentrate section of the caustic soda production factory, and after passing the evaporation and concentration processes, in the form of solid caustic soda with a purity of 98 to 99% will be ready for supply in the consumer market.

سود پرک - هیدروکسید سدیم - سود سوزآور یا کاستیک - شرکت شاران صنعت
Turning liquid flakes to solid flakes

Advantages of solid caustic soda over liquid caustic soda

Liquid soda has a purity of 48 to 50% and has similar properties and applications to solid soda in various industries. Until a few years ago, all industrial applications and uses of caustic soda were made in liquid form and imposed many restrictions on the consumer. In general, the advantages of solid peel profit over liquid profit are:

  • The possibility of freezing of liquid soda, especially in seasons and cold regions, is one of the major problems and the main limitations of using this chemical compound.
  • Transportation and transfer of liquid soda, need to transport tanks with special equipment and facilities to prevent liquid freezing, and the possibility of damage and change in the nature of transportation of this type of soda is much greater than solid soda.
  • One of the positive features of using solid sheet metal profit is the possibility of loading in high tonnage with less volume.
  • Solid flakes are much easier to store than liquid liquids and require less space and easier storage conditions.
  • Reducing the absorption of pollution, weathering and further safety are among the advantages and positive features of solid flakes over liquid ones.

It should be noted that the largest volume of production and export of flakes in the world in solid form and in laminated packaging and completely principled and the consumption of liquid profit in various global industries has been minimized.

Various uses of caustic soda

Application in paper industry, cardboard, pulp and pulp production
In the production, plating and galvanizing industries of metals such as aluminum
Application as degreaser in petrochemical and oil and gas processing industries
Application in textile and dyeing industry
Application in plastic recycling process
Application in the production of bleaching, cleaning and disinfecting products Application in the pharmaceutical industry, alcohol production, production of detergents including soap

Application in food industry as a bitter remover, additive for various industrial sauces, additive for all canned food, sugar processing and chocolate production, production of dairy products and preparation of soft drinks and carbonated beverages
Application in the cosmetics industry
Application as degreaser and detergent for industrial pipes and tanks
Application in leather industry

5 شرکت برتر تولید کننده سودپرک
5 Caustic Soda Producers in Iran

Biggest caustic soda producers

Today, due to the expansion and acceptance of the domestic consumer market and increasing demand for the production of this chemical compound, many factories have formulated and produced this widely used product and have been able to meet the needs of the domestic market in this field. One of the most important and reputable factories that have offered most of their products to the world market are Petro Gohar Pars Factory, Bandar Emam Caustic Soda Factory, Arax Chemistry, Tabesh Chemistry Pooya, Sinad Company, Sufian Shimi, Shiraz Farashimi, Chloran and the Petro Caspian Sepehr.

It should be noted that all the brands and factories mentioned are among the most reputable brands producing flaxseed caustic soda in the country, which by producing high quality caustic soda, meets the country’s import needs for this product and a major part of the export of this combination will also be in charge. The caustic soda produced in all the mentioned factories in accordance with the principles of international analysis is prepared by using high quality raw materials, with high purity and the least amount of impurities, and is also offered to customers in custom quantities and packages.

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