The Five Best Caustic Soda Suppliers

1) Arax Chemistry Industrial Group

Arax Chemistry Industrial Group as manufacturer & supplier of caustic soda flakes, with high quality & standard is one of the most famous and largest companies in Iran. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of chemical trading, producing various types of chemical, and importing and exporting chemicals, the company earn a high reputation in internal and international markets. This group has already penetrated many markets such as Far East, Middle East, Asian countries, Latin America, Turkey, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Georgia, and Syria for this product.

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شرکت آراکس شیمی

2) Chloran Chemical Production Company

Chloran Chemical Production Company (CCPC )was established in 1993 with the investment of the private section in an area of 2200 m2 in Semnan (Iran). Currently, this company has been producing more than 100tons of Chlorine per day. Also, it is able to produce chlorine derivatives with the highest level of technology according to the market needs. Using Electrolysis Technology, CCPC products are known as the best quality raw materials to produce detergents, bleaches and cosmetics materials. With three decades of experience in production, CCPC group develops its products’ quality and quantity and gain ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO10002, OHSAS18001, ISO/IEC17025 systems as well as membership in World Business System (SEDEX), World system of IQ Net and also acquiring certification from Iran National. By designing of cycles of salt water to produce chlorine liquid, hydrochloric acid, caustic concentration by engineering unit, this company offers its high quality assurance products for the detergent industry, petrochemicals, petroleum, steel, and refinery.

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3) Bandar Emam Co.

Parak Bandar Emam Co. is known as one of the largest producers of Caustic Soda which started its activity in 2001 in Mahshahr industrial city (Iran). This company is producing 9600ton caustic soda annually. The product is packaged in double-walled bags (polyethylene and polypropylene). Mostly the Bandar Emam Caustic Soda using in detergents and factories of paper and vegetable oils, dairy products, and petrochemicals.

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شرکت پرک بندر امام

4) Petro Gohar Pars Company

Petro Gohar Pars Company is one of the biggest producers of caustic soda flakes in the largest petrochemical port of Iran. In order to produce high quality caustic soda, Petro Gohar Pars Company started operating in this field by using an experienced team along with international standards. This company with great efforts succeeded in establishing its second factory, Petro Gohar Pars, on the site of a special petrochemical area located in Khuzestan province (Iran).

Manufacturing technologies, well-equipped laboratories, skilled personnel have been able Gohar Pars to enhance the quality of their products. Based on these features, Gohar Pars have received a standard certification from the National Iranian Standards Organization as well as ISO 9001: 2008 and quality control certification from Germany.

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شرکت پترو گوهر پارس

5) Isfahan Nirouchlor Group

Isfahan Nirouchlor Group Company was established in 1997 with the initial investment of the Ministry of Energy and the Industry bank in order to improve the level of health in the community as well as to cut off dependence on foreign resources in Isfahan province. NirouchlorGroup is currently the number one country in terms of number and variety of products
Using the latest state-of-the-art technology backed by efficient and expert staff, NirouchlorGroup has been able to achieve quality standards for products and deploy quality management, environmental, occupational health and safety standards, national and international standards. Take slow steps to improve and strive for customer satisfaction continually. In addition to supplying a large portion of the country’s water and wastewater industries, it also has a valuable stake in meeting the needs of other industries. But the most important feature of NirouchlorGroup is that while exporting high quality products and special services to its customers, it has been able to trade a significant portion of its manufactured products with more than 20 countries in the export sector.

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گروه نیرو کلر اصفهان

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