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Iran Caustic soda

Sodium Hydroxide Trading Company of Iran has started its activity in the field of buying and selling caustic soda and liquid soda in 2013. Introducing the caustic soda of Iran to other countries and exporting it to the Persian Gulf countries and other countries is one of the services and goals of this company.

Due to the cheapness of the Iranian labor force and also the low cost of producing caustic soda in Iran, Iranian it is one of the best options for trading this product. Due to the high quality of caustic soda produced in Iranian factories, this product has the ability to compete with foreign samples, and even in some special samples is better than foreign products. You can study the analysis of website products and Make sure of this and then proceed to buy caustic soda.

What is Caustic Soda

Sodium hydroxide or caustic soda (Naoh) is a very active chemical that is also known as lime caustic soda and in rare cases as industrial degreasing soda. This material, which is one of the main products of the petrochemical industry, has become a basic material in the downstream industries in the production of various industrial products. The chemical formula of this substance is NaOH, which is an ionic compound formed at the bond of sodium cation Na + and ion hydroxide ion. Of course, what is in the refinery outlet is a very corrosive fluid that tries hard to absorb environmental moisture. Hence, they convert this hazardous fluid into a solid-state to obtain its commercial product. The commercial caustic soda is in the form of scales and its purity must be around 98% to meet the standards of international standards.

Solid Caustic Soda

Sodium hydroxide or caustic soda, which is known as flake soda, is produced in the industrial form in flake and solid form and white color. One of the reasons for this product in solid form is due to the highly corrosive properties of this product. Sodium hydroxide, a strong and highly active base, can be very dangerous in liquid form. Therefore, this product is produced in sold form and used in various industries.

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How long does the delivery process take?

EXW: 2 to 7 days (might be less or more based on the amount)
FOB: 7 to 10 days
CNF: depends on the destination port

Will you get a sample of the product? is it free

Yes, sample will be provided and it is free of charge

Why should you choose us?

Competitive prices comparing with the other countries’ suppliers

Fast, safe and cheap transportation

Caustic soda purity percentage is real based on the world standards

You can place an order and buy online, it will be easy and safe

Is the caustic soda from us certified by SGS?

Yes, all the varieties are certified by SGS

What is the minimum capacity that we can supply?

(The minimum capacity is 1000 tons monthly (It can be quite more

What are the guaranties that we provide?

Quality guaranty by SGS

If the product is not acceptable by the buyer, it can be withdrawn

What documents do you receive for your purchase?

Commercial invoice, packing list, bill of loading, COA, health certificate, certificate ( in case that buyer requires more documents, it is negotiableof origin )

What is our payment method?

T/T (other ways are negotiable too)