Sodium Hydroxide

Introducing of Arax Chemistry Company

Another prominent and famous producer of Caustic Soda is Arax Chemistry Industrial Group, which has more than two decades of experience in producing and exporting caustic soda, and can be considered as one of the producers of Caustic Soda 98%. Arax Chemistry, as a private company, is acting a role in production of Caustic Soda in a leading and knowledge-based level.

Features and Production Line of Arax Company’s Caustic Soda

Production method of Sodium Hydroxide or caustic soda flakes with NaOH chemical formula in Arax Chemistry Company, almost like other competitors, is done using a new production line and utilizing liquid Caustic Soda based on the modern technology in the world and is manufactured in a very principled manner with membrane electrolyzers and has no impurities, including mercury impurities, which is one of the most important advantages for Arax Chemistry.

By utilizing modern and complete equipment including well-equipped laboratories and skilled workforce, the company aims to increase the quality of its products for export and internationalization of its trade in addition to satisfying domestic needs and demands.

Applications of Arax’s Caustic Soda

Like other types of Caustic Soda produced by other manufacturers and factories such as Bandar Imam, Gohar Pars Co. or Nirou Chlor, Arax’s Caustic Soda as well has many applications including pH control, acid neutralization, degassing, manufacturing cellulose and paper pulp, soap making and various detergents and cleaners, synthetic silk industries, water purification.

In addition to the applications in the gas and oil industries (for removing acidic pollutants in the oil and gas process), food processing, chimney gas removal, mining, glass making, textile processing, disinfection of vegetables, engraving and metalworking, Aluminum process, adhesive preparation, and paint removal, it is also used as a disinfectant material

Arax’s Caustic Soda Packaging

Arax’s Caustic Soda is a white solid with a melting temperature of 1390 ° C and a density of 2.13. Coating and packaging of this product during shipping and handling is very important and should be taken into consideration as it can easily absorb moisture from the air.

Here we will take a look at some of the benefits of Arax Chemistry’s packing:

The most important feature of Arax’s Caustic Soda packing is that it is impermeable to water and moisture. Another point is that it is convenient and easy to carry at the time of shipment because of their convenient size and packaging, and the maintenance of product protection and quality at the time of shipment and warehousing is taken into consideration. Besides, all descriptions are fully inserted on the packages.

But in terms of Package appearance, Arax Chemistry’s Caustic Soda, like other brands, is offered to consumers and customers in various packages, including bags, buckets, jumbo bags and pallets. For example, the Arax’s 25kg Caustic Soda is packed in three layered laminate bags. It is also packed in 2kg metal buckets with a plastic layer inside, or shrink wrapped on 1.5 ton pallets or in one ton jumbo bags

Export and sale of Arax’s Caustic Soda

Due to the high quality of its products, Arax Chemistry Industrial Co. has the ability of international activities and by exporting Caustic Soda cargoes to far Eastern countries, Middle East countries, Asian countries, Latin American countries, Turkey, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Georgia, Lebanon, Syria, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, is considered as one of the Iranian representatives.

In order to purchase Arax’s Caustic Soda, you can also contact the sales consultants and consular of Arax’s agencies or companies that are formally cooperating with this producer, and get pre-purchase information.

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