Sodium Hydroxide

What is Solid Caustic Soda or Sodium Hydroxide?

Caustic Soda flakes (Sodium hydroxide), with chemical formula of NaOH, are thin, white flakes originally manufactured by soap makers, in solid, flaky form (granular, flexed), granular or with molded blocks. Also known as solid Sodium Hydroxide, or strong solid industrial grease remover.

Production of Caustic Soda from Sodium Hydroxide?

Caustic Soda is produced from liquid soda and sodium hydroxide produced in an enrichment and evaporation process. In industrial processes aimed at mass production of Caustic Soda, liquid Soda 50% is heated in specific containers up to 1400 ° C to evaporate existing liquids and increase purity.

The tanks and equipment used in this process are made of nickel alloy due to the high corrosive feature of Sodium Hydroxide. This alloy, while highly tolerant against Sodium Hydroxide corrosives, is very expensive, making it a strategic and profitable product line for industrial production. Once the required concentration has been met, the drying phase begins to ultimately yield Caustic Soda. Due to the rapid absorption of moisture by this material, the product immediately introduced into the packing process and packaged in special bags that are waterproof.

Caustic Soda is used in fields other than industrial degreasing in the production of chemicals, soap production, paper pulp, textile manufacturing, petrochemicals, synthetic silk, aluminum and detergents, and so on.


Solid Sodium hydroxide, is white, odorless and available in granular form. The flaked form is called Caustic Soda Flakes and Granule form is called Granule Soda in the market. Caustic Soda can easily absorb the moisture of the air and the flakes will stick together so it is important to use proper laminated bags and proper transportation.

Iran Caustic Soda

Iran, a country that owns oil and gas, has thrived in the petrochemical industry and has become one of the world’s leading producers of Caustic Soda and Solid Soda Flakes.

Due to this and the importance of exporting this product to neighboring countries including Turkmenistan and CIS countries, we have been able to sell a significant volume to date.

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