Profitability applications of caustic soda in the industry

Profitability applications in the industry

As in another article titled Soda Rubber? The diffuser is a NaOH chemical formula with a purity of 0.8% and is in the form of a solid material in the form of a filler (flex, pellet), granular or cast blocks. Profit perk is one of the most consumed chemicals as an industrial fat burner required by various industries, which has led these industries to always seek to produce the highest quality perk profit. Let’s go.

Uses of jump profit and its applications in industry:

 Paper and pulp:

The most common use and application of jump profits worldwide is in the paper industry. The use of caustic soda in the process of bleaching and bleaching, inks from recycled paper as well as in the water treatment sector.

 the cloth:

The use of perk profits in the textile industry is caustic soda for processing flax and dyeing synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester.

 Soap and detergent:

Another important use of the perk profit in the detergent industry is the use of sodium hydroxide for soap, a process that converts fats, fats and vegetable oils into soaps. It is also used to produce anionic surfactants, which is an essential ingredient in most detergents and detergents.

 Bleach production:

Another advantage of the leap is the use of bleach. Bleachers have many industrial and domestic applications such as fat cutting and mold and mold control.

 Petroleum Products:

Including the use of caustic soda for exploration, production and processing of oil and natural gas.

 Aluminum Production:

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One of the important uses of sodium hydroxide or caustic soda in the aluminum industry is to dissolve bauxite ore, which is the raw material of aluminum production.

Chemical processes:

Sodium hydroxide in the form of peroxide or liquid soda is used as a raw material in the manufacture of a wide range of downstream products including: solvents, plastics, fabrics, adhesives, coatings, herbicides, dyes and inks, pharmaceuticals and many other materials. .

Find other uses and benefits of jumping profit in the following section:

Manufacture and supply of chemicals and other uses and applications of solid leachate or liquid caustic soda, including sodium sulfide production, petroleum industry, detergent industry, sulfur oxides removal from fuels, health industries, ceramics industry, paper industry, alcohol industry, Leather, automotive, cotton factories and lime pH adjustment as filler, olive sweetening, wastewater and wastewater control, detoxification, rose dye, water purification, acid neutralization in batteries, as bleach and detergent in textiles, Washing of oil tankers, glassware, pharmaceuticals in pharmaceuticals, plastic recycling Synthesis of artificial silk fibers in the textile industry, metal plating, cleaning of tanks and pipes, industrial devices and installations, starch, chocolate, processed olives and …

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