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Introducing of Sinad Company

One of the active and leading companies in the field of Caustic Soda production in Iran is Energy Pioneer Corporation of Sinad which is a major producer of Caustic Soda 98%. Located in Isfahan, the company has had over two decades of continuous and dynamic activity in the field of trading, manufacturing of Caustic Soda, import and export of chemicals. Sinad Caustic Soda is one of the most economical kinds of Caustic Soda available on the market and is also economical and cost-effective for the consumers as well.

Features of Sinad Company

Energy Pioneer Corporation of Sinad is a privately held company leading and knowledge-based level in field of producing Caustic Soda. But the company is also active in the industry producing all kinds of Caustic soda, phosphoric acid, Borax Pentahydrate, Borax Decahydrate, Iranian chlorine based on all world standards. All the processes performed in the company are synchronized with the synergy of knowledge and experience based on a systematic thinking, because its progressing process is stablished based on a sound management approach to achieve the company’s goals. Pioneer Energy Corporation of Sinad annually supplies thousands of tons of caustic soda in accordance with international standards of production and sends to the markets inside and outside the country.

One of the prominent features of Sinad Caustic Soda is its price so that it can be called the most inexpensive kind of Caustic Soda on the market. Note that although there are many types of Caustic Soda in our country, some of them are of high quality and, of course, it requires a high price to buy. On the other hand, some are cheap but not good quality. However, Sinad’s Caustic Soda is both high quality and inexpensive at the same time. This type Caustic Soda is most commonly used in industries where both quality and price are important.

Like other brands, Sinad Caustic Soda is widely applied in the paper and sheet industry, soap and mold making, textile industry, detergents, valves washing, leather and footwear production, etc., and therefore, it is popular with consumers.

The Method of Generating Sinad Caustic Soda

Production of Caustic Soda in Energy Pioneer Corporation of Sinad is done through a new production line and utilizing the production of liquid Caustic Soda as a state-of-the-art technology applying membrane electrolyzers in a very principled manner. In this method, there are no mercury impurities in its structure, which is a very important advantage for Sinad Company. Sinad Co. works with modern laboratories and specialized and experienced workforce to meet the needs of the country’s domestic industries, with the goal of exporting to various countries.

How is Sinad Caustic Soda Packed?

The main benefit of Sinad Caustic Soda is the cost-effective and beautiful packaging with seal and stitching. The packing is in a way that prevents air and moisture from entering the package. Sinad Caustic Soda is packaged in 25kg packages that are relatively light and portable, on which the specifications and grades are included

Exports and Sales of Sinad Caustic Soda

Since Sinad Caustic Soda has international standards and licenses, it also has licenses and the ability to export to neighboring countries. Relying on the high quality of its products, Sinad Co. is operating and exporting cargoes to Far Eastern countries, Middle East countries, Asian countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Georgia, Lebanon, Dubai and the UAE, Syria as well as Latin American countries, which is pride for the country’s manufacturing and export industry. Obviously, Sinad caustic soda is exported to to different countries through customs formalities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Also, if you are planning to buy Sinad Caustic Soda, you can purchase it online, or in person, through its reputable intermediaries. It is advisable, of course, to consult a reputable dealer before making any purchase.

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