Niru Chlor liquid Caustic Soda 30%

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liquid Caustic Soda 30%

Liquid profit
Other names: Burning liquid – Alkali – Alkaline soda – Sodium hydrate – Sodium hydroxide
Formula: NaOh
Purity: 30%
Grade: Membrane – Diaphragm

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liquid Caustic Soda 30%

Liquid sodium hydroxide is a light white material that is odorless and is available in two concentrations of 50% and 31%. It dissolves easily in water and dissolves in equal proportions in ethanol, methanol, and glycerin. The freezing point of this material is 4.4 and the boiling point is 145 degrees Celsius, and there are possible chemical changes during the reaction. The liquid benefit of a substance is so reactive that it rapidly absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and combines with it.

Applications of Liquid Caustic Soda in the industry:

  • Paper industry and paper pulp
  • Fabric and textile industry
  • Detergent industry such as soap
  • Production of aluminum and petroleum products
  • Use in some chemical processes as a raw material