Bandar Imam Liquid Caustic Soda 50%

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Bandar Imam liquid sodium hydroxide is produced in the most equipped and up-to-date production line and production laboratory of this product in the country, which brings high quality to the consumer. Buy Bandar Amam 50% Liquid Profit and Bandar Imam liquid sodium hydroxide Price, right now on this page, you may just enter the amount you want and submit your request so that we can contact you very soon and you will get what you want.

لوگوی شرکت پتروشیمی بندر امام


50% liquid caustic soda of Bandar Imam is one of the two products of the prestigious and global collection of Bandar Imam in the industry of liquid sodium hydroxide, and regular customers of other products of this collection buy and consume it due to complete trust in the quality of caustic soda of the collection.

Liquid caustic soda 50%  of Bandar Imam is produced by membrane method, which is the best method of producing liquid soda and does not pose any danger to the environment.

Part of the text of the company’s introduction on the official website of Bandar Imam Company:

The company in the field of quality control of its products, due to the sensitivity it has used, having one of the most equipped laboratories and employing capable staff in laboratory affairs, has been able to become one of the best manufacturers in the Middle East.


Bandar Emam

لوگوی شرکت پتروشیمی بندر امام