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Introduction of Nirou Chlor Company

Considering the issue of water and wastewater industry development in the country in recent years, Nirou Chlor Co. was established in 1997 with the initial investment of the Ministry of Energy and the Bank of Industry and Mining with the aim of improving the level of hygiene and health in the community as well as cutting off dependence on foreign resources; so it was put into operation. Today, the company is regarded as one of the largest alkaline chlorine units in the country, which can meet the needs of a wide range of industries in the field of chlorine and its derivatives.

In addition, Nirou Cholor’s Caustic Soda (NaOH) is currently one of the highest quality and purest Caustic Soda flakes available on the market

Characteristics of Nirou Chlor Company

One of the key features of Nirou Cholor Company in attracting customer satisfaction is its use of the most modern equipment. Also using the latest state-of-the-art technology backed by efficient and expert staff, Nirou Cholor has been able to meet the standards of quality, product, and environmental management, environmental, occupational safety and health, domestic and international standards. Moreover, it has taken steps and great strides to continually improve and strive for customer satisfaction.

In addition to supplying a large portion of the country’s water and wastewater industries, the company also has a valuable stake in meeting the needs of other industries. But the most important feature of Nirou Cholor is that it has been able to export a significant portion of its manufactured products to more than 20 countries at the same time as the quality of its products and the special services it provides to its customers.

Achievements by Nirou Cholor

As mentioned, the products of Nirou Cholor are of high quality and, as a result, it has caused the increased demand in the domestic and foreign markets and the quality of these products have been welcomed, which has grown dramatically in recent years. Another thing about Nirou Cholor is that its production capacity has almost doubled, and this is due to the plans implemented to increase production capacity and modernize the machinery as well as applying new generation electrolyzers

Nirou Cholor Co. currently ranks first in the country in terms of number and variety of products. To maintain its position, the company launched another industrial unit in Yazd in 2013 to take an effective step in expanding the downstream chlorine and Caustic Soda chain. In another step, in order to maintain its market position and increase its competitiveness, a proposal was made to increase the capacity of its products, such as Caustic Soda or the same Sodium Hydroxide. After numerous efforts by specialists and experienced staff, the project was implemented last year (2018), which utilized the project to increase the company’s chlorine production capacity to about 90 tons per day.

Nirou Cholor Caustic Soda

Nirou Cholor’s Caustic Soda is one of the most important manufactured products of this factory which is one of the best quality among the various Caustic Soda flakes made in the country. The Caustic Soda produced by Nirou Cholor is 98% to 99% pure, with no impurities, including salt, toxins and other minerals. It is the purity and quality that make its customers and consumers happy with this product.

Nirou Cholor’s Caustic Soda, like many other products produced in other factories, is widely used in the aluminum industry, detergents and food industries, and in the production of many chemicals, etc

According to the cases we have discussed, the quality of Caustic Soda of Nirou Cholor is higher than other competitors, so it has a higher price and is naturally more expensive so that Nirou Cholor’s Caustic Soda is known as the most expensive type of Caustic Soda.

Another thing that stands out about Nirou Cholor’s Caustic Soda is that the product is limited and the market size is not permanent. Therefore, to buy this product you need to get help from the company itself and the other companies that work with it to get the best quality and the highest level of profit.

How to Pack and Carry Caustic Soda

The important thing about Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) is that it is very strong in absorbing moisture and if left open for a few hours, it will loosen and stick together. For this reason, manufacturing companies have to use a two-layer coating for storage and packaging. The product is wrapped in a plastic sack cover and then wrapped in plastic and durable nylon cover.

So it is best to carry this product in a dry and roofed place where the wind does not come straight. Nirou Cholor uses special 25kg bags to pack and deliver this product to its customers

How to place an order in Iran caustic soda company?

it`s quite easy to place an order on our website “Iran Caustic Soda”, just go through the products, select the product that you need and read all about the it check the analysis then add your desired product to the cart, fill the required information and place an order.

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