Sodium Hydroxide

Shiraz Farashimi Company Introduction

Another factory that produces and sells caustic soda with 98% purity is Farashimi Company, which is located in Shiraz. Farashimi Caustic Soda, like other producers of Caustic Soda, has a special quality and purity, which according to these specifications, its price is determined and is offered and sold in the market.

Applications of Farashimi Caustic Soda

As you know, caustic soda has many applications, the most important and diverse application of this product in important oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Caustic soda can also be used in the textile and paper industries, agriculture, paints, cosmetics, batteries, food and beverage, and many other important industries.

Caustic Soda Flake of Farashimi

Farashimi is one of the famous factories that operates in Shiraz. This product has the highest quality and the most diverse uses that have been provided to the sales representatives of this city. Also, companies and representatives of Tehran and other cities buy caustic soda from this company and mainly sell it on their sales sites at a reasonable price. Farashimi caustic soda is offered to buyers in suitable packages when sold.

Inquiring the Price and Wholesale of Caustic Soda

The wholesale market of caustic soda has been very prosperous due to the many applications of this product in various industries and the reasonable price it has at the time of wholesale, and many sites on the Internet with different names of companies producing and supplying this product.

The following is an important point to consider when buying bulk caustic soda:

  • Company credential that is provided to ensure the quality and authenticity of the product
  • Awareness of profit consumption through reading, product descriptions
  • Consider the required amount of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) and check whether this amount is available in the store of the desired store or not.
  • The percentage that is expected from the caustic soda, for example, the caustic soda of 98% or 99% and etc.

To know the prices of caustic soda in the sales market, it is enough to refer to the sites of sales representatives, and know the price of the products and the reason why it is cheap or expensive according to the product features. Various companies have sold their caustic soda in stock to attract customers at more reasonable prices. These prices may be for a limited time and only to familiarize buyers with the type of product quality and ensure the site is valid. Some companies have set the price of their caustic soda in proportion to the price of the main raw material, which is the same as lye. As the exchange rate changes, the price of caustic soda lye interest will also change, and because the full profit consists of caustic soda liquid interest, the price of this product will eventually fluctuate.

In the end, if you want to buy Shiraz Farashimi Caustic Soda, the best supplier for you is Iran Caustic Soda Company. You can request your price and request quantity so that we can announce the lowest possible price to you in the shortest possible time.

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