Sodium Hydroxide

The Company active in the field of caustic soda producing is Tabesh Shimi Pouya Company. This company was registered with registration number 160164 exclusively under the title of production of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) and chemicals with a production capacity of 10,000 tons of caustic soda in 50 km of Tehran, located in Parandak region, and has been operating since then.

Characteristics of Tabesh Shimi Pooya Caustic Soda

Tabesh Shimi Pouya Company has been able to increase the production capacity of the factory to at least 25 tons per day by using new devices and technology, as well as its capable and hard-working personnel. On the other hand, the quality control unit of this factory has a high accuracy in reviewing the products to the extent that it has been able to have a high share in the export market of this product.

For this reason, Tabesh Shimi Company is currently one of the few successful and reputable producers of caustic soda in the country, which has the honor of cooperating with large and well-known companies in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical-industrial and mineral industries.

Beneficial Applications of Tabesh Shimi Pooya Caustic Soda

Like other companies active in the production of caustic soda, the product of this company has a series of similar properties and applications. Including :

Hygienic and cosmetic detergent

Paint and Resin

Aluminum industry

Paper industry: Separation of cellulose fibers from leginine, increase of pH in the process of fermentation of paper fibers

Battery making

Leather and textile industry: hair removal, removal of non-fibrous proteins, degreasing


Food and agricultural industries: milk and dairy, oil, sweetening of olives, production of chocolate and cocoa, salt refining, canning, soft drinks and….

Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Industry: For Neutralization, Degreasing, Refining Petroleum Products

Mineral p犀利士 roducts

To read more about the applications of caustic soda and the process of producing caustic soda in the petrochemical industry, be sure to read the article on the use of caustic soda.

Packaging, Storage and Transportation of Tabesh Shimi Pooya Caustic Soda

There are a number of things to consider when packing and storing caustic soda, including:

  • Because caustic soda absorbs air moisture quickly, they should be stored in a dry place, metal tanks or suitable and durable plastic containers at low temperatures and away from incompatible materials and air with this material. .
  • The entry of caustic soda into the environment increases the acidity (pH) of water and soil, which may harm some animals, plants, aquatic animals and fish. However, the uptake of carbon dioxide from the air and its combination with caustic soda reduces this effect over time.

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