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Introducing Petro Gohar Pars Company

Petro Gohar Pars Manufacturing Group, one of the largest and most famous factories in producing Caustic Soda, was founded in 1998 by highly skilled and experienced industry experts. From the very beginning, the company was aiming to produce Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) according to the international standard with the registered trademark of Petro Gohar and is still active.

Petro Gohar Company believes that raw material-based industries (domestic production) should be further developed and expanded. For this reason, its first factory was built in 1999 in the city of Eshtehard in Tehran province in the name of Kavian Gohar Chemistry, and gaining a lot of experience over time, by building its second factory in 2005, named Petro Gohar Pars, in the site of a special petrochemical economic zone located in Khuzestan province, was able to be recognized as the largest producer of Caustic Soda in the country.

Features and Achievements of Petro Gohar Pars Company

Applying the latest technology, equipped with quality control laboratories, R&D department and specialist staff, Petro Gohar Pars Company has always strived to provide high quality product in high quality and diverse packaging. To this end, Gohar Company is honored to receive the Standard Certificate from the National Iranian Standards Organization as well as ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Control Certificate from Tuv InterCert (SAAR) Germany. Also, Gohar Chemistry’s Caustic Soda is offered to buyers according to analysis sheets and MSDS

Although the company is currently recognized as the largest producer of high quality Caustic Soda and good service in the country, Petro Gohar Pars complex, while promoting its product and supplying the domestic market and alleviating the country’s dependence on imports of this product, is making efforts to achieve its main goal which is exporting its caustic Soda and supplying this product for the domestic and overseas markets.

To this end, in addition to supplying 50% of the needs of major oil companies, food, chemicals, detergents, textile, agricultural, and so on, domestically, the company has largely achieved the goal of playing roles in supplying the international markets with this product.

The method of generating Petro Gohar Pars Caustic Soda

In this company, the main method is producing Caustic Soda from liquid Sodium Hydroxide gained by membrane method (porous wall). In such a method, 48% to 50% liquid Caustic Soda input to the production line will first be converted into a Sodium Hydroxide product with a purity of 98-99% in accordance with international standards in the process of evaporating the water. Finally, pouring into flaking and cooling machine, it is converted to flakes and solid Caustic Soda

Petro Gohar Pars Caustic Soda Packaging

Obviously, Caustic Soda should be packed in special containers to keep away from moisture (indoors and dry). For this purpose, the company’s product is presented in a range of high quality packages (bags, buckets, drums, jumbo bags and pallets) in high quality according to customer’s request and order.

25kg packings of the Caustic Soda are packed in polyethylene + polypropylene + laminated bags. The Caustic Soda can also be packed in 15kg buckets made of sun-resistant polyethylene.

Another type of Caustic Soda Flake packing is the 30 and 4kg capped drums made of polyethylene and sun-resistant. The Jumbo bag mode is also packaged in 1000kg PP packs including 40 25kg bags. It is also possible to put the bags stretch wrapped on single-toned wooden pallets upon request

Quality Control Unit and the Laboratory Unit

The quality control department of Petro Gohar Pars Company consists of trained and experienced personnel in line with controlling and maintaining the quality indices of the manufactured product with the aim of maintaining and enhancing the quality while optimizing energy consumption and planning and obtaining the relevant scientific and technical certifications.

To this end, the product quality control takes place in two stages:

Input raw materials control, in-process control and end-product control

1- Input control:

In the first stage, when raw materials enter the plant, they are sampled and tested according to relevant standards and discharged to the appropriate tanks if approved. Checking other inputs and components is also done by the laboratory. (It should be noted that laboratory equipment is regularly calibrated in reputable laboratories)

2- Control While Process

The next stage, different parts of production is randomly sampled randomly and every single of them is carefully checked.

3-Final Product Control 

The final product will be sampled as well and its details according to relevant standards in all respects, including physical control (packaging conditions), dimensional control (according to standards and parameters) and analytical control (laboratory and practical tests) are controlled and inspected to produce the highest quality product and deliver it to the customer.

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