?What is Sodium Hydroxide

Summary of feathered profit characteristics

  • Name:Perk Profit
  • Other Names:sodium Hydroxide , caustic soda
  • Chemical symbol:NaOH
  • Purity:98 % Perk Profit
  • Appearance:Sodium hydroxide is available in the form of flakes and flakes.
  • Molecular weight:40.01
  • Melting point:12 C (50% solution), 62 C (73% -70% solution)
  • (Boiling point:140 C (50% solution
تصویری از اتصالات بین مولکولی سود پرک

Introducing Perk Profit

Hydrogen peroxide or sodium hydroxide is one of the minerals obtained from nature that has a chemical formula (NaOH). Other names for caustic soda other than sodium hydroxide include caustic soda, caustic soda, and caustic soda.

History of Perk Profit

Sodium hydroxide was originally produced by soap makers. An instruction to make sodium hydroxide was found by a 13th-century Muslim scholar, al-Mukhtarah, in the book Al-Mukhtarah fi Fanun Man al-Sunnah, compiled by Al-Muzaffar Yusuf Ibn Umar Ibn Ali Ibn Rasool, King of Yemen. British chemist and archaeologist Henry Ernst Stapleton (1878–1962) provided evidence that Muhammad Zakaria Razi knew sodium hydroxide. The instructions included successively passing water through a mixture of alkali (which was the saltwort ash) and raw lime, which was used to make sodium hydroxide. European soap makers followed the same instructions.

تصویری از سودپرک استخراج شده
سود پرک چیست

Chemical benefits of flaxseed

In many sources, the purity of the perk profit has been reported as 98% of the mines and its shape has been shown to be perk and polka. The molecular weight of the perk profit has been set at 0.40 g.

The melting point of flake interest in solutions is 50% (and possibly below that) up to 12. C and for 73% to 70% of flake fluff, 62. C is specified.

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The boiling point of this chemical for a 50% solution is set at 140. C.

The relative density of this product in solutions is 50.13.5% and in solutions 73 to 70, 5.15 is determined.

The solubility in soda water is 109 grams per 100 milliliters at 20. C. It is also soluble in materials such as ethanol, methanol and glycerol.

The vapor barrier pressure for the 50% solution is determined to be 1.5 mm Hg at a temperature of 20. C.

Finally, the pH = 12 (0.05% solution), 13 (0.5% solution), and 14 (5% solution) have been determined.

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