Sodium Hydroxide

Introducing Chloran Company

Chloran Chemical Production Company was established in 1983 by private sector investment and was put into operation in Semnan industrial town on an area of ​​over 22000 square meters in 1996. By implementing its development plans, Chloran Company has increased its production capacity to more than 200 tons of chlorine gas per day on an area of ​​over 100000 square meters

Characteristics and Achievements of Chloran Company

Chloran Chemical Production Company, with more than 3 decades of manufacturing experience in the country, has been able to deploy ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO10002, OHSAS18001 and ISO / IEC17025 systems with the expertise and commitment of its experts to increase the quality and quantity of products.

Moreover, membership in the global trading system of SEDEX, membership in the global trading system of IQ Net, achieving Partner Lab Certification from National Qualification Center of Iran, Obtaining Certification of Lab Qualification Conformity Based on Standard 17025, Qualification Lab Certification of Partner Lab in the field of periodic inspection and testing of cylinders and chlorine tanks and the adoption of mandatory and incentive standards and health licenses for all products, are other steps that Chloran Company has undertaken to expand its activities and achievements.

Caustic Soda of Chloran Company, which is in form of thin white sheets, retains moisture and is water soluble. It is derived by evaporating liquid caustic soda, which is itself produced by membrane technology (one of the best methods of producing Caustic Soda).

Chloran Co. Caustic Soda is widely used in the industry. In the paper industry, for example, it reduces the costs and increases transparency and whiteness of paper, and is used in the petrochemical industry for desulphurization in the drilling of oil wells. It is also used in the food industry for the production of beverages and dairy products, and due to its detoxification properties, it is also used in producing of detergents.

Chloran Caustic Soda

Chloran Caustic Soda in another leading brand in the field of producing and supplying caustic soda or Sodium Hydroxide. Since this product is used in most industries and businesses, there is a very high request for it. For this reason, there are many suppliers in the country that work with this brand and meet the needs of consumers. The raw materials produced by these companies are almost from a major producer called Arvand Petrochemical Liquid and their only difference is in the way they are manufactured and the purity and quality of their production

According to these definitions and documentation, we can obviously say that Chloran is one of the leading brands of Caustic Soda in Iran. Chloran complex has gained a high position in the international market and have a lot of export to many countries by producing high quality products as well providing them to their customers.

For this reason, Chloran Caustic Soda as well as Nirou Chlor and Gohar Chemistry, are considered as expensive brands of Caustic Soda and cost more comparing to other brands.

Chloran Caustic Soda Packaging

Like most brands and manufacturers, Chloran Caustic Soda is packaged in standard 25kg packages and the protective coatings are in such a way that the humidity does not deteriorate its quality. It is also in accordance with the international standard and is required for export to other countries

Selling Caustic Soda

Today Selling Caustic Soda is possible both directly and indirectly through the factory, and the possibility of making online purchase has been provided for the consumers to buy the product directly, at lower prices and with spending less time

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