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The Importance of Caustic Soda Packaging

The packaging provided for the types of Iran caustic soda offered worldwide is one of the most important issues for the presentation of this product. caustic soda should be packaged in the most appropriate way possible before sending to the applicant, especially if the product wants to be sent for export due to the long distance, there is a possibility of changing the quality of the product received by the customer.

انواع بسته بندی سودپرک، کیسه 25 کیلوگرمی
Types of caustic soda packaging, 25 kg bag

On the other hand, if the packaging is not determined according to the distance to be traveled, in addition to changing the quality of the caustic soda, there is a possibility of tearing the package, deducting the amount and weight of the received product and other issues by the recipient.

The Best Type of Bag for Packing Caustic Soda

The best bag material for caustic soda packaging in polypropylene bags with a polyethylene cover. The reason for this is that this kind of bag prevents quality change, color change, or any change in the appearance of caustic soda purchased by the customer. On the other hand, the resistance of this type of bag against rupture prevents changes in the volume of the received product.

It should be noted that bags made of other materials increase the possibility of creating conditions for air or moisture to reach the cauldron, which causes clumps and loss of quality in the cauldron.

Therefore, the basic packaging of sack bags is necessary to maintain its quality.

Types of Caustic Soda Packaging

We have talked about the importance of proper packaging for caustic soda for internal or external movements, depending on the distance that must be traveled.

In this section, we will examine two common types of packaging for sending caustic soda. Packages that leave your hand open for the customer to choose its type and quality, and at the same time maintain the quality of the products that you receive.

انواع بسته بندی سودپرک، پالت
Types of caustic soda packaging, jumbo bags

25 Kg Bags

This type of bag has a width of 50 × 80 and is the best possible packaging for caustic soda, especially for export abroad. Corrosion and decay of the yarn along the way, which in turn causes the lid of the bag to open and the lump inside to clog due to contact with air or moisture.

Jumbo Bags

This bag model is only for easy handling of cargo sent by moving or transporting machines. In this type of packaging, 25 kg caustic soda bags are placed in a larger package that can hold up to 40 bags. And this bag is suitable for preventing sunlight, air and moisture.


This packaging model has been created only for easy transportation. In this model, some 25 kg bags of caustic soda are placed on a durable plastic or wooden pallet, and using different materials such as plastic next to each other hold them tight.

Pallet packaging is suitable for shorter distances or movements with the possibility of not blocking direct sunlight due to the lack of protection (such as jumbo bags).

انواع بسته بندی سودپرک، کیسه 25 کیلوگرمی
Types of soda pack packaging, 25 kg bag

What Criteria Should We Consider to Choose the Type of Caustic Soda Packaging?

Due to its special uses, caustic soda must be bought in large quantities to benefit both the seller and the buyer. To request the sending of caustic sodas by the manufacturer, you must also consider the distance, the method of sending, the environmental conditions of sending, and so on.

For example, environmental conditions are definitely different when land transport is by sea or air.

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