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Introducing Bandar Imam Company

Bandar Imam Caustic Soda Company started its activity in 2001 by launching two product lines in the field of Caustic Soda Production in Petrochemical Complex in Mahshahr Industrial City at Phase 1 Chemical Site. The activities of Bandar Imam Company include production of 98% solid Caustic Soda which is produced for applying in detergents and paper mills and dairy, petrochemicals, etc. In addition to an expert staff consisting of 30 elite chemical engineering team along with the developing goals of the complex management, adding 4 more production lines to the production capacity it was able to reach the capacity of producing 100 tons of Solid Caustic Soda in 2003.

Bandar Imam Caustic Soda with Chemical name of NaOH is a strategic and quality product that has made this company have a special place in today’s Iranian industry. Such development of Bandar Imam has been to a point where this company has significantly increased its production capacity and is playing a critical role in the growing domestic industry.

Features of Bandar Imam Company

Working 24 hours a day in 3 shifts, Bandar Imam Co. has been able to keep the quality level of its products high and satisfy the clients. The marketing team of the company also consists of expert and powerful people who are able to meet all the business needs of the company round the clock and can manage and control the contracts, shipments and deliveries of the products both domestically and internationally

Since there is a variety of brands of Caustic Soda produced domestically and this product is also imported into the country, Bandar Imam Caustic Soda is known as a high quality product among domestic and foreign consumers and it supplies more than 95% of the Caustic Soda required for domestic use.

In addition, owning one of the most equipped and modern laboratories available, the company is also highly sensitive in terms of quality control of its products and by employing a highly qualified staff in the laboratory has been able to become one of the best producers in the Middle East.

Features of high quality and laboratory Caustic Soda

High quality Caustic Soda should have a molecular weight of 01-40. The melting point is 12° C and boils at 140° C. The solubility of NaOH in water is 109g in 100ml at 20° C. Therefore, despite laboratory conditions, there may be any errors or omissions so that any deviation from the specified values ​​can affect the quality of the solid Caustic Soda

Bandar Imam Caustic Soda is an odorless, crystalline, white and transparent, non-volatile solid and has a high corrosive properties that can also absorb air moisture well. If either of these features are not included in the product, it can turn a solid, high-quality Caustic Soda into a low-quality one. Another feature of Bandar Imam Caustic Soda is that when dissolved in water it produces considerable heat. The measurement of this heat has become one of the laboratory tools in the detection of Caustic Soda.

Advantages of Bandar Imam Caustic Soda

Bandar Imam Caustic Soda with stable high quality is offered at a very reasonable and competitive price on the market. The quantity and quality of this company’s products are guaranteed and lack any impurities such as mercury and iron impurities. The analysis and purity of Bandar Imam Caustic Soda is 98% and its products are delivered Ex Works, Tehran warehouse or your desired location immediately.

Packaging of Bandar Imam Caustic Soda

Bandar Imam Caustic Soda has the highest quality packages available in two layers to supply domestic and foreign markets, packed in polyethylene and polypropylene bags. Some of them include:

  • Caustic Soda flakes in 25kg bags
  • Caustic Soda Bags in Jumbo Packing 25kg
  • Caustic Soda Bags with Pallet Packaging 25kg
  • Caustic Soda flakes in 15kg buckets
  • Caustic Soda Buckets with Pallet Packaging 15kg
  • Caustic Soda flakes in 30kg drums
  • Caustic Soda flakes in 30kg drums with Pallet Packaging
  • Caustic Soda flakes in 50kg drums
  • Caustic Soda flakes in 50kg drums with pallet packing

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