The Process of Making Soap Using Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide or caustic soda is a mineral that is effective in various products including the production of dyes, drugs and etc.It has a significant effect on the quality of finished products. One of these important industries related to caustic soda is the detergent industry, especially the soap production process using caustic soda, and it […]

Top 5 Caustic Soda Manufacturers

5 شرکت برتر تولید کننده سودپرک

Caustic Soda is one of the top products of Iranian factories for export. Iran Caustic Soda Producers have been able to bring Iran’s Caustic Soda to the world standard by using the latest and most up-to-date caustic soda production technology. The top 5 producers of profits in Iran are:

Introducing Tabesh Shimi Pooya Company

معرفی شرکت تابش شیمی پویا

The Company active in the field of caustic soda producing is Tabesh Shimi Pouya Company. This company was registered with registration number 160164 exclusively under the title of production of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) and chemicals with a production capacity of 10,000 tons of caustic soda in 50 km of Tehran, located in Parandak region, […]

Introduction of Shiraz Farashimi Company

معرفی شرکت فراشیمی شیراز

Shiraz Farashimi Company Introduction Another factory that produces and sells caustic soda with 98% purity is Farashimi Company, which is located in Shiraz. Farashimi Caustic Soda, like other producers of Caustic Soda, has a special quality and purity, which according to these specifications, its price is determined and is offered and sold in the market. […]

Caustic Soda packaging: What packages are used to export Caustic Soda?

بسته بندی سودپرک

The Importance of Caustic Soda Packaging The packaging provided for the types of Iran caustic soda offered worldwide is one of the most important issues for the presentation of this product. caustic soda should be packaged in the most appropriate way possible before sending to the applicant, especially if the product wants to be sent […]

Caustic Soda Production Process

Caustic Soda is a chemical compound produced following the process of electrolysis of water and salt in factories producing chemical compounds around the world. This white and powdery substance is ineffective in direct contact with air humidity and therefore in tight and laminated packaging, with limited contact with air humidity, it will be packaged and […]

What is Caustic Soda?

sodium hydroxide

 The other name for caustic soda is also sodium hydroxide and lye. It is basically an inorganic compound that has the formula of NaOH. It is described to be a white solid and an iconic compound that consists of sodium cations. Caustic soda or sodium hydroxide is considered to be a high caustic base along […]

What is Solid Caustic Soda or Sodium Hydroxide?

Caustic Soda flakes (Sodium hydroxide), with chemical formula of NaOH, are thin, white flakes originally manufactured by soap makers, in solid, flaky form (granular, flexed), granular or with molded blocks

Caustic Soda Applications in the Industry

کاربرد سود پرک

The most common use and application of jump profits worldwide is in the paper industry. The use of caustic soda in the process of bleaching and bleaching, inks from recycled paper as well as in the water treatment sector.

The Chloran Company Introduction

لوگوی شرکت تولیدی شیمیایی کلران

Chloran Chemical Production Company was established in 1983 by private sector investment and was put into operation in Semnan industrial town on an area of over 22000 square meters in 1996.